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Exterior Angles Of A Polygon and exterior angles of a polygonExterior angle An exterior angle of a polygon is an angle outside the polygon formed by one of its sides and the extension of an adjacent side Interior and exterior angle formulas The sum of the measures of the interior angles of a polygon with n sides is n 2 180 Exterior Angles Of A Polygon mathopenref polygonexteriorangles htmlExterior and Interior angles are supplementary At any given vertex the interior angle is supplementary to an exterior angle See Interior Exterior angle relationship in a polygon Walking the polygon In the figure above imagine the polygon drawn on the ground Stand on one of the sides and face along the line Now if you walk around the polygon along each line in turn you

Angles of a Polygon Formula for sum of exterior angles The sum of the measures of the exterior angles of a polygon one at each vertex is 360 Exterior Angles Of A Polygon brightstorm Geometry PolygonsExterior angles of a polygon have several unique properties The sum of exterior angles in a polygon is always equal to 360 degrees Therefore for all equiangular polygons the measure of one exterior angle is equal to 360 divided by the number of sides in the polygon

khanacademy Geometry foundations PolygonsClick to view5 24Sal demonstrates how the the sum of the exterior angles of a convex polygon is 360 degrees Exterior Angles Of A Polygon

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