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Equation Of A Horizontal Line of horizontal line phpEquation of Horizontal Line always takes the form of y k where k is the y intercept of the line For instance in the graph below the horizontal line has the equation y 1 As you can see in the picture below the line goes perfectly sideways at y 1 Equation Of A Horizontal Line sparknotes math algebra1 writingequations section4Example 2 Write an equation for the horizontal line that passes through 6 2 Since the line is horizontal y is constant that is y always takes the same value Since y takes a value of 2 at the point 6 2 y always takes the value 2

science answers Comparisons The Difference BetweenThe equation of a horizontal line is y constant e g you might have y 2 if your horizontal line is 2 up the y axis For a vertical line the equation will be x constant so if you wanted the equstion of the vertical line that crosses the x axis at 5 it would be x 5 Equation Of A Horizontal Line YcsF0tsClick to view on Bing2 01Jan 05 2013 Equations for the vertical and horizontal lines passing through a point need to be written in a very specific way Author eHowEducationViews 96K

khanacademy Horizontal vertical linesClick to view5 15I m going to go negative four in the x direction So one two three four Negative four And then one two three four five six in the y direction So the point that we care about is going to be right over there Negative four comma six And what is the equation of the horizontal line It is a horizontal line Equation Of A Horizontal Line

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