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Del Operator hyperphysics phy astr gsu edu hbase vecal htmlVector Calculus Many quantities which are of interest in physics are both directed quantities vectors and can take on a continuous range of values making calculus methods necessary The Del Operator The collection of partial derivative operators is commonly called the del operator It shows up in important vector calculus operations Del Operator rows Del in cylindrical and spherical coordinates Jump to navigation Jump to search This Coordinate conversions Unit vector conversions

mathpages home kmath330 kmath330 htmDifferential Operators and the Divergence Theorem One of the most important and useful mathematical constructs is the del operator usually denoted by the symbol which is called nabla This can be regarded as a vector whose components in the three principle directions of a Cartesian coordinate system are partial differentiations with respect to those three directions Del Operator thefreedictionary Del operatorDel operator synonyms Del operator pronunciation Del operator translation English dictionary definition of Del operator n maths the differential operator i j k where i j and k are unit vectors in the x y and z directions to view on Bing11 56Oct 31 2012 The del operator and gradient divergence and curl Author Jason RoseViews 11K

mathworld wolfram History and Terminology NotationDel The upside down capital delta symbol also called nabla used to denote the gradient and other vector derivatives The following table summarizes the names and notations for various vector derivatives Del Operator to view on Bing11 56Oct 31 2012 The del operator and gradient divergence and curl Author Jason RoseViews 11K

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